WOD 02122017

CrossFit Urban Jungle – CrossFit

CFUJ Training

1: Metcon (Time)

Pendley Rows – 5×5 Heavy as possible

2x 15 Strict C2B Banded

2: Metcon (Time)

4 RFT:

10 DB 1-Arm Snatches (70/50#) (5/arm)

250m Row

3: Metcon (No Measure)

NOT for time:


30 Strict T2B

15 Strict L-Pull-ups

10am: Metcon (Time)

Deck of Death WOD:

2 Person Teams

For time

Hearts – Inverted Barbell Rows

Spades – Sit-ups

Diamonds – Kettlebell Swings

Clubs – Air Squats

*Jokers are 15 Burpees

*Face cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings)- 10 reps

*Aces- 11 reps


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