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Warm clean and jerk up to 60-70%


3 Rounds

5 Toes to bar

5 Deadlift 95/65

5 Power Snatch 95/65

Row 150m

Then directly after, hit a clean and jerk in the 70% range.

Rest as long as it takes to get your heart rate back down to a very comfortable place. Just don’t let yourself get cold


15.1: CrossFit Games Open 15.1 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

9-Minute AMRAP of:

15 Toes To Bar

10 Deadlifts, 115# / 75#

5 Snatches, 115# / 75#

15.1s: CrossFit Games Open 15.1 Scaled (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

9-Minute AMRAP of:

15 Hanging Knee Raises

10 Deadlifts, 85# / 55#

5 Ground to Overhead, 85# / 55#

15.1A: CrossFit Games Open 15.1A (Weight)

6-Minutes to Establish:

1-RM Clean and Jerk


C: Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

AMRAP 4 Minutes

12 Calorie row

12 CTB Pull-ups

Rest two minutes

AMRAP 4 Minutes

12 KB Swings 70/53lbs

12 Burpees to 6″ target

Rest two minutes


D: Metcon (Weight)

Every 40 seconds for 8 sets @80% of your power clean 1RM:

1 Power Clean – Drop the weight – 1 Squat Clean

For everyone that keeps scaling the strength work up now that it’s lighter, stay with the percentages and focus all of your energy on being very fast and moving perfectly. Heavy and slow does not make you stronger, and heavy during the open isn’t what we’re shooting for.

Power Clean (This is just for looking up percentages)


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