Getting Started

Because CrossFit Urban Jungle is a hybrid between personal training and group fitness, our prices are higher than a traditional “Globo-gym” and substantially lower than traditional Personal training. We offer a fitness product that provides the highest value with the best return for your money. You are the only one that can decide if joining CrossFit Urban Jungle is for you. Every athlete scales the movements to fit their abilities and particular needs. In fact, scaling is the key to CrossFit’s integrated group workouts; it allows athletes of diverse abilities to move through the same exercises simultaneously. Training with us at CrossFit Urban Jungle will actually get you results. Remember- Everyone has the ability to”Discover their inner Athlete“!



  1. Download a copy of the CrossFit Journal article “What is Fitness?”
  2. Download a copy of “CrossFit Foundations”
  3. Browse the CrossFit website for gobs of information
  4. Friend us on Facebook and stay informed


After studying all the material on the web, call, email, or fill out the form below. We’ll get you set up for a free workout trial class then further discuss on-ramp options.  The on-ramp class is the way to try out the gym, and it’s a prerequisite to the regular classes.  In addition to a workout, we’ll cover basic skills, safety, and fitness essentials while scaling movements to the individual participants–this allows attendees at all levels of conditioning to participate safely.

1. Attend a Free Workout
This is a great way to meet the coaches and other CrossFit Urban Jungle members as well as test out a workout.
*click here to view the class schedule

2. Sign up for On Ramp

On Ramp:  We recommend you attend On Ramp sessions three times a week for four weeks.  We introduce you to the basic skills, movements, mobility WOD’s to enhance your workouts, and methods we use at CrossFit Urban Jungle during these sessions with an emphasis on safety and technique. Upon completion you will have been exposed to most of the movements that you will encounter in workouts at DTFitness. On Ramp must be scheduled with a coach.
On Ramp pricing: $100

3. CrossFit Group Classes

After completion of On Ramp, join the Cross Urban Jungle classes!

Fill out the form below to schedule a session online