Daren “RubbaDub” Tubbs
CF-L2 Trainer
(214) 830-5977


Daren Tubbs is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer receiving his training in 2012.  He has been training in the CrossFit style for over 2 years.  Before CrossFit, Daren worked as a trainer at a globo-gym and for over 10 years as a taekwondo trainer.  He has trained athletes to compete in national and international competitions, backyard athletes that want to get better at their pick-up game, and finally (and most importantly) every day people that simply want to increase their fitness.

Personally, Daren has been a competitive taekwondo athlete for over 14 years.  He is an 8-time national champion and
a contender for the 2012 Cambodian Olympic team (finishing in 5th place in the Asian Region Olympic Qualifier where the top 3 made it to the Olympics).  He competed on the international stage in Puerto Rico, Canada, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Qatar, Korea, Germany, Holland, Aruba,  Laos, and Indonesia and innumerable competitions within the United States.

Daren loves all types of sports.  He is a competitive doubles volleyball player and is an avid mountain biker and wake boarder. Daren is a athlete in the truest sense of the word and loves training others in all aspects of fitness.

Michael Smith
CF-L1 Trainer

Mike and his son Parker having fun with the Dog Sled
Mike and his son Parker having fun with the Dog Sled

Mike is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer receiving his training in 2013.  Mike is also an Engineer at Raytheon in Garland, Texas, and a student at Texas Tech University.

Mike is a non-traditional athlete in that he has no experience in high school or collegiate athletics.  He came to CrossFit at the age of 40, and within a year, through consistent CrossFit training, achieved a level of fitness unsurpassed in his life.  His love for the sport and for training others comes from his own personal experience in physical and mental gains achieved through the CrossFit method.
In his spare time, Mike enjoys mountain biking, spending time with his family, reading and watching college football!

Michelle Church

CF-L1 Trainer


Frank “Billy” Magana
CF-L1 Trainer

Daren (left) - Billy (right) *yes he REALLY is THAT big*he often gets mistake for Incredible Hulks stunt double*


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