Wednesday 09042014

2 sets
“Baseline WOD”
500M Row
40 Air Squats
30 Ab Mat Sit-ups
20 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups
*all sets are max effort sprint

If not all sets are able to be completed within the time frame of class – that’s ok – this is a baseline WOD and only the first WOD is important for time. Any WOD after is for extra work

Fitness Levels Chart:
Men, Women
3:45, 4:40 Elite
4:30, 5:35 Pro
5:15, 6:30 Expert
6:15, 7:30 Collegiate
7:15, 8:30 Intermediate
8:15, 9:30 Novice
9:15, 10:30 Beginner
10:00, 11:00 Cut-Off

*To get a fair and accurate comparison between yourself and the fitness level chart above, you MUST commit to full range of motion standards on all movements. Otherwise, your time is not an accurate portrayal of where you’re at. This is a sprint.

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