Saturday 01182013 WWFIT


Come support your team at the World War Fit Competition @ the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX.

Website –
World War Fit Facebook –

DT and Billy will be competing in the World War Fit competition at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland.
Complete details and Competition heats below.

World War Fit

Curtis Culwell Center
4999 Naaman Forest Blvd
Garland, TX 75040

08:00AM – 06:00PM

$15 Spectator Fee – 12 & under FREE

$10 Parking

*******Heats and Lane Assignments*******
DT – Heat 15 Lane 2
Billy – Hest 15 Lane 3

D1Fit CrossFit Athletes
Keegan Mueller Heat 11 Lane 13
Daniel Wright Heat 10 Lane 8
Zachary Atkins Heat Heat 15 Lane 4
Ben Scarbron Heat 15 Lane 6
Zach Ruthledge Heat 15 Lane 7

*heats and lanes are subject to change in case of no shows or withdrawals

Each WOD has 15 heats.
There will be a bit of down time before the first WOD for our team as well as in between WODs. Here is a rough guide on guessing heat times.

ie. First WOD is an 8min AMRAP and there is 15 Heats.
8min X 15 heats = 120minutes
CFUJ heat is 15 so we’ll go with 8min X 14heats =112min.
CFUJ first WOD rill roughly be at 10:00am.
However you may want to arrive a little earlier to watch other heats and assure you don’t miss the heats.

(Keep in mind that there will also be 1-2 minutes between heats for athletes rotation and weight change).

Approx Heat Times For CFUJ
WOD 1 10:00AM
WOD 2&3 12:30PM
WOD 4 02:15PM

**above heat times are calculated without time for athlete or weight change outs. Expect CFUJ athletes a little after each approx time.
Follow this post to keep up with competition schedule live on Saturday.

Daren Tubbs

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